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ZBM can help visualize even the craziest of ideas, converting them into elegant designs, awesome
experiences and vibrant brands.


Our capabilities borders around helping our clients not only better understand their markets and define digital strategies, but also actually bring their digital products to market at scale. To date, we have shipped over 50 successful digital solutions and counting.


Web app design and development

We provide vibrant and functional web solutions that provide the soul and architect for clients. Our web apps have innovative navigation, interactive product pages and ecommerce systems that would help to shape and power our client’s vision.

Working with our team of experienced designers and developers will help you realise the advantages of having an accessible website that is built around your audiences’ needs and wants. For clients who operate retail businesses, our websites are built to be secured for transactions, mobile responsive and optimised for search engines.



Mobile app design and development

With the increasing demand for topnotch mobile applications around the world, we provide a seamless roadmap for a successful launch, from ideation through to completion of the project.

We incorporate several modern development technologies such as Java, WebRTC, Socket IO and Rest API to meet your business goals and strategies. We excel at developing custom mobile applications with various futuristic features and functions.



Digital product design

Design is more than just art. We research on the market, competitors, on target users and the feasibility of a project. Our clients can have the craziest ideas, but in the end, we are charged with bringing these ideas to life. Our digital product designs ranges from UI, interaction, motion, content and sound design.

We use an iterative design process to proffer a comprehensive solution to a functional client’s problem. We offers the best possible solution through market research and design, and then launch the product to a market that demonstrates a high demand for this particular solution.



Digital experience

Love augmented reality filters? Have you ever wanted to create your own? Look no further. We create interactive augmented reality experiences for social media and the metaverse.

From easy-to-use templates and asset libraries, to advanced customisations and controls, ZBM has the capabilities you need to create and share augmented reality experiences for your projects.


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